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Opaque Dice Set D20 Poly Dice set - RED


A set of Opaque dice for use with D&D or the d20 open game system. Contains 1xd4, 1xd6, 1xd8, 1xd10, 1xd%, 1xd12, 1xd20. 7 dice in total, all the same colour.
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D10 BULK bag x 100


A bag of 100 mixed colour and type d10 dice. You will get a mix of ten sided dice in colours and styles from whatever we 10 sided dice we have in stock at present. These are plastic polynomial 10 sided dice, commonly called d10 dice by games players.
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Metal Dice - Mini 12mm Poly set in a bag - COPPER


A set of D20 dice made of real metal. 12mm. These are alloy 'mini' dice in 'copper looking' finish, with black numbers. They come in a small black satin / leather effect bag with drawstrings. They make a good 'thunk' when they hit the deck - don't use on your mums best teak table.... one each of: d4 d6 d8 d10 d% d12 and d20
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D12 grab bag x 50


A bag of 50 mixed colour and type d12 dice. You will get pearl, marble, gem and opaque in a variety of colours
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Dice - 10 x D6 spot 14mm opaque Blue with white spots


Dice - 10 x D6 spot 14mm opaque, Blue with white spots - you get a set of 10 dice, they are standard 6 sided with rounded corners and sopts (sometimes called pips)
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Dice - Opaque Dice Set 10xd10 Red


A set of 10xd10 (ten x ten sided) Gem dice for use with RPG systems such as 7th Sea, WoD. MERP etc.
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Crystal Caste Stone Dice

Real stone dice made from semi-precious stones, in a faux-leatherette draw string bag. These are real stone, hand carved. As such they are not perfect in size, shape and numbering - they will NOT roll a true random number, but for RPG's its good enough, and they look stunning! colours will vary between dice and may not match the image you see - thats natural stone for you. Also note, the numbers may be coloured differently to the images shown.

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