When 20 sides just doesn't cut it any more, trade up to a mighty thirty sides for immediate and awesome effect!


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OK, so it might be cheating just a bit to roll a d30 instead of a d20.... but there are lots of uses for a d30 apart from cheating (you don't cheat, right?)

  • TIME: minutes. 1-30 with a 2nd die telling you if its the first half hour or 2nd half hour.
  • DATE: day of the month (give or take a day or so).
  • LISTS: randomly choose from a list you made of '30 things found in a chest' etc.
  • RANDOM ENCOUNTERS: another list option - choose your random encounter with ease.
  • HERO ROLL: replace the usual d20 for that one singular heroic action roll.
  • SPINDOWN: keep track of HP or any other number up to 30.
  • MATHS: Use them in the classroom to generate numbers for maths games - kids love the tactile feel of die and it makes maths fun for them.
  • NERDNESS: simply own one and enter the upper echelons of geeky nerdness.

Our d30 dice come in a range of finishes, from plain old Opaque through Toxic and Marbled to Oblivion.


Colour options are varied and the finish is great. These Toxic Pink and Blue are the same finish as our Toxic poly dice sets and make a great addition to the set.


Standard Opaque d30 are easy to read and have high contrast numbers.


We also have some really heavy oversized Metal thirty sided dice from Kakapopo, but these sell out fast so are not always in stock. The Metal d30's come in standard and Spindown varieties. You could also use the Metal d30 dice to thwart home invaders in a Kevin McAllister Home-Alone scenario. Just add a heavy duty sock...*


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* legal disclaimer: PLEASE don't do this. It could quite easily damage your dice and we are not responsible for damaged dice. Or socks. Or home-invaders.