There is still time to grab a gift for the gamer in your life - fab dice sets and great value dice bags in stock and ready to ship before Christmas. We have a wide range of poly dice sets ideal for Dungeons and Dragons or any other d20 based gaming system. Styles and colours are available to suit pretty much any game, character or setting. If you want a distinctive, interesting and enviable set of roleplaying dice, then you have come to the right place by visiting The Dice Place!

As an example of the beauty of these new RPG Dice sets, take a look at our latest new dice stock. They include a new dice range of four pearl blended dice sets in bright, vibrant colours. They have a really bright and beautiful pearlescent lustre with easy to read numbers and feel really nice in the hand. These dice sets are standard sized dice consisting of 7 dice, d4 up to d20.

This particular dice range is made by HD Dice in china - a manufacturer that contantly innovates and pushes the dice manufacturing bounderies all the time.

Our favourite poly dice set in this range is the Byzantium Cyan and Magenta dice set, pictured here.

Byzantium poly dice set

You can see the shimmer and sparkle from the pearlized colours, and that deep golden font really works well.

The other dice styles in this poly dice series are Rose Way, Emerald Vale and Monarch. They are pictured below and you can purchase them on our Shopping Page.

HD Dice Rose Way poly dice HD Dice Emerald Vale poly dice HD Dice Monarch Dice Sets