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We're consistantly rated Excellent on Trustpilot. Our customer reviews continue to flow in and they are pretty much 5* most of the way. People praise our quick shipping, attention to detail, speedy responses and the quality of the dice we ship. (5* from 51 reviews as of 9th July 2019)

We aim to treat all DicePlace customers in the way we like to be treated - with courtesy, accuracy, speed and above all with respect. Please be assured that whenever you buy Dice from thediceplace, in the UK or anywhere around the World, we will always treat you that way.

Of course, we do make errors, and whilst we try to rectify them in a way that is advantageous to the customer, that isn't always possible - but generally its not down to issues our end  - we truely do everything we can to sort problems promptly. 

With that in mind, we want you to know we do have a One Star review from an unhappy customer. Clearly that isn't ideal, but do go and read the review and our responses. I hope you will see that we did everything in our power to correct the delivery and communication issues that the customer had - sadly we have no idea if our actions led to a positive outcome as the customer has never been in touch since to let us know wither directly or via TrustPilot. So, I guess we'll never know!

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To sum up, our customers give us a glowing review in general, and we hope that gives you the confidence to buy your dice, games, counters and otehr products from us here in the UK, safe in the knowledge your order will be sorted professionally and prompty.

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