Immolated in the fires of a Red Dragons furnace breath? Engulfed in fury-filled fireballs?

Fear not! You can raise from the Ashes, like the Phoenix of Legend, with the fantastic Spirit of the Phoenix Poly DIce from Critit Dice.


Critit Spirit of dice are the dice we are most often asked to stock. We've waited patiently until Critit restocked Series 1 and 2 poly dice, and here they are, in all their Spiritual glory! choose the right Spirit Animal for your favourite D&D character, and get those crits rolling.

THe Spirit Range is a 'storm' or 'nebula' style dice with injections of coloured pigment into a clear dice medium. Each dice then has the 'max' number replaced with a bespoke graphic relating to the Spirit Animal.

Critit have several ranges, which we will bring you as they are re-stocked by the manufacturer, but please note we are informed that some ranges may be discontinued soon - perhaps not forever, but certainly in the short term, to allow for new lines to be developed.

There are a vast array of Spirit Dice animals to choose from, and even with just these two ranges in stock, you have over 20 options.

Spirit of the Lizard, a Silurian take on your roleplaying dice

There are plenty of great colour combos to choose from, and the graphics are high quality laser engraved. The look and feel is highly professional too.

Enjoy your new themed dice!

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