Our Top Five dice sets for June 2019 - something old (very old...), something new, and something very blue!

When it comes to dice sets for your favourite RPG, you are spoilt for choice these days. There are so many colours and finishes, that you could get a set of gaming dice for each day of the week, probably each day of the gaming year to be honest!

We've had some new stock recently, I'm sure you've seen the Iridescent Dice from HD Dice, which are a Storm / Nebula dice base with added fine glitter for that extra special glitter dice finish. But some of the regular older dice are still very much worht a visit.

So, here are 5 fantastic dice sets for your roleplaying games.

Number Five

Ancient Bone - HD Dice

A firm favourite that we can't actually get enough of at the moment! The bone feel of these dice make them the ideal partner dice set for our Skull Dice Bags. Due for restock sometime soon, but in the meantime, we do have other Ancient Dice sets in different finishes.

Ancient Bone Style poly dice for dungeons and dragons
Old Bones, Rolled Bones, Ancient  Stones - Ancient Dice

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Number Four

Marblized Druid Stone - HD Dice

The Marblized range from HD Dice has a pearl swirl finish with several colours all mixed together to give a more mother-of-pearl finish than anything else. A very oily sheen makes these particular poly dice a great replacement for the long out-of-print Magma Green dice from Crystal Caste. There are several colour options, but for us, the 'Druidstone' Green is to of the pile. A fantastic dice set made for your Druid or Ranger D&D character.

HD Dice Marblized poly set
Feel the Forest in every roll, DruidStone dice

Number Three

Spirit of the Bat - Critit Dice

A new addition to our range, the Critit Spirit of poly dice are the singular most requested dice sets we've been asked for. Well, here they are! and straight into our top 5 at Number Three, Spirit of the Bat.

Critit Spirit Dice are a nebulous Storm base dice with two colour clouds moulded in, but the USP is that each dice has its top number replaced by your chosen Spirit Guide (and the d4 has a different related pictogram by the way) - in this case, the Bat. Whilst you have a whole host of colours to choose from, this Purple and Blue colour just grabbed our imagination from the moment we first set eyes on it.


Critit Spirit of Bat game dice
Spirit of the Bat - Critit Dice

Number Two

Muse Northern Lights - HD Dice

The Aurora in dice form! A relative new-comer to our range, and the only colour released in this new range so far, Muse Northern Lights is a continuation and step up from the Marblized Dice range. Its much more mother-of-pearl with a multi-hued blend that is probably closest to the Chessex Festive finish. Add to that we've just been reading the book Northern Lights, it was a no-brainer to add the Muse Dice set to our top five list.

His Dark Materials transformed to Muse Northern Lights dice
His Dark Materials - Muse Northern Lights


Universe Blue - HD Dice

From the day we first saw this set, we fell in love. The Galaxy and Universe range of poly dice from HD Dice are a glitter based range of dice featuring a strong dark field colour with a dense glitter additive. The main line are gem based, but VERY dark, almost opaque but not quite. They were amazing and we still love the Dark Green Galaxy, but they just pale into the cosmic background in comparison to the wonder that is the Universe Blue.

This so dark, cosmic void blue shimmers and sparkles with the glitter of untold stars. Golden Yellow numbers are high contrast against The Void, perfection in dice form, and ideal for your d20 based Sci-Fi rpg of choice. If you are gaming in the Big Empty, take these bad boys along for company!

Universe Blue dice for your sci-fi rpg of choice
The  Big Empty, filled now with the glitter of untold Stars - Universe Blue

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